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Experience & Creativity

I have been working with wood for Over 15 years whethwe it be in cabinetry, carpentry, or rough framing houses. One day I woke up and found that If I put all my experience together I could craft some amazing Wood art/products. Nothing is more satisfying then getting up in the morning, heading to the shop, turning some good music on and creating something new from an old dead tree. 

Our Process

most of my lumber comes from naturally downed trees. I mill and dry it myself before working it into works of art.

Our Guarantee

I guarantee that all product made by ibcarving will be quality products. nothing i make here is cheap and worthless like ikea. My products cost more then retail stores products because they are built to last, not built the cheapest way possible. all my products come with a 5 year manufacture warranty. I will refund or fix any manufacture defective products for free within 5 years of purchase. 


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Kylee B, Murray, Utah

Beetle kill pine coffee table with glow in the dark river inlayed and a clear epoxy finish

I had an idea for a coffee table and Ianthus at Ibcarving made it more beautiful then I could have imagine. He has also created several displays for my jewelry business that tend to steal the spotlight. I would recommend Ibcarving to anyone that is looking for unique, one of a kind, quality furniture. 

Carl R, Kearns, Utah

Red cedar little helper step stool with clear epoxy finish

Ianthus’s craftsmanship and imagination goes above and beyond without compromising on quality. The furniture he makes is unique and beautiful and will surely last a lifetime. I could not be more satisfied how piece turned out. Highly recommende.

Harvey D, Riverton, Utah

I have absolutely loved my coat rack I got from Ianthus. He does top notch wood work and finishes. He puts real effort and passion into his projects regardless how big or small they may be. The finished products are way more then what anyone could imagin. You won’t  be disappointed in anything Ibcarving produces.

Megan W, South Salt Lake, Utah

we ordered a set of bedside tables, looking for something uniqu, that would add character to our bedroom and good quality. The pieces Ianthus made for us do that and much more. They are exactly what we wanted and Ianthus was super helpful during the design process to put our ideas on paper. We will definitely come back to him for future projects.

Marion B, Colorado City, Arizona

Refinished gun stock with lichtenberg fractal burning and a clear epoxy finish

My wooden gun stock was really worn out and was in dire need of a refinish. Ianthus with Ibcarving brought it back to life with fractal wood burning accents and a super durable clear epoxy finish that will last much longer then the standard finish. I recommend if you have a wooden stock that’s worn out, the right thing to do for your gun is to have Ibcarving work some magic on it.

Darrell & Kristi A, Colorado City, Arizona

Butcher block oak countertops with local cow brands threw out them and a clear epoxy finish

The beauty of Ianthus Barlow’s epoxied countertops and tables is extraordinar. He built the countertops for our new home and customized them with cattle brands burnt into the surfaces. The countertops were then coated to an eye-catching smooth and glossy finish. They are the perfect compliment to our cowboy decor. Visitors “ooh” and “aah” when we show them what he has done, and they ask for his phone number.

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